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how to sell financial advice

You are not predicting the market. You provide advice on vehicles , allocation, accounts types, tax implications, liquidity, stability, ask people, what do you want to do with your money, and show them how to accomplish that. People have a "what should I do financial question, answer it. Provide a la cart answers For a fee. 

How to create a Trust and why

Money making idea. Get a bunch of Trust examples. Write a bullet point summary.  Then sell templates. 

attackers and self defense

Keep in mind most people doing harm either have a mental illness or are high on drugs. They are not predictable nor do they act like rational people. Don't ever say, or no one would do that.  Always retreat. Once you spot trouble. Turn and get to safety. It will probably catxh them off guard and it will give you a head start. The more you delay, the higher the chance they proced. Get to safety and keep them out.  Can't get away? Fight, hard , fast, and get away to safely. You flight, but if you can't , you FIGHT. You WIN, by any means necessary. This isn't your fault, but now your problem, and the only one who can solve it, is you. Until you can get to safety and get help.