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Someone is not your friend If you don't know them. You have no way of trusting them. Dont be mean to them, that's not how you make friends. But create healthy boundaries. Completing what you promise is a way to develop trust, and friendship. 

formula for life

Lots of ventilation. Clean water. Avoid chemicals and pesticide (insecticides).maybe a multi vitamin and protein. Avoid sugar and processing.  What sets a great warrior apart from a soldier is knowing when not to pull the trigger. Most people can be a good shot after practice.   Most people are rats, when times get bad. It's easy to be good when all is good. It's when it gets bad, it shows what is really true.  The more you buy, the more your bought.  You have to mentally prepare. Wether it be sports, work, school, or crime. You increase the likelihood of suces by mentally preparing for different scenarios. Think of how you will react, how to solve the problem now , anticipate the dangers, formula a plan of how to deal with them , your response, and how you will be successful. It builds focus. Then once you are in the moment. You have to be like a Navy Seal: be focused, adapt to change, know when not to shoot , not to panic, keep focused. Find a solution. Think of the big pictu

security home

Sell ownership stake in your primary residence. Stay more days than city ordinance. Rent out the other days, but do it like a long term contract. Get a membership fee or auction or sell off to buy the days. You can maybe even rent them off. It's negotiable. Allows home own to make income fr personal residence. Make it mutually beneficial to each party. Establishes rights. Is fair. Is safer than annuities from for profit insurance companies. It's a co-op, and taxed as such. My lawyer can set it up. I have accountants. Pre emtive bankruptcy.  How to sell.  Hype n liquidate.  Asset or liability. Everyone gets their cut.  -homeowner eggs income today, and a guaranteed payout until death.  -person who wants to be in a certain area, but on a Limited basis gets to have a guaranteed place to stay, and know the price and is obligated pay.  -could structure any future contact you want.maybe give people parameters. Like 20 conditions or covenants (rules to the game ).  Use Google or Apple