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Reputation is a dangerous word. Your perception is not the same as realiity. So trying to protect your reputation is dangerous, cause your desired outcome will not be the same as the outside perception. Your being causes for good reason , sometimes a gut feeling, but perceived as lazy. Be careful when trying to protect your reputation. Understand the reputation of others, it's often true, or there is some truth to it, beware.  There are two ways to fill a hole. The right way, and every other way. The point is sometimes you just need to fill a hole.  In Jr. High, I had a horrible experience. Probably the first tramadic event I had ever experienced. I was told a fellow wrestler who I was aware of, our rival, was going to fight me. He was coming to my school on Friday cause he heard I called him a racist name. He was tougher than me, and would beat me. My next step after I got done shaking, was to assemble as many of my friends as possible to back me up. Then every single person I ask


My Grandpa, lived at 190 Turk St. In San Francisco. I never met him. I used to get phone calls in early and mid elementary school. Before my parents get home from work. I would get an Oakland As satin jacket for a birthday. Coin and stamp collections. He lived in government housing, one one of the worst streets in the world. With no family. Drunk. He died in the late 90s I think. My dad left for a few days I think. I feel like he went down there, but really don't know. Always enjoyed his talks on the phone. Can't imagine the pain he had. Miserable. My dads best talent and strength as a dad was always being around. The exact opposite of his dad. And always never drank. I jokingly feel like I'm in the middle.  My other Grandpa was always around. Never left. Drank just as much. Spent 10+- years pretty lifeless. Been did some cool stuff in life. Had a amazing family. Lots of happiness. Just had a demon. Lots of history on him. Saw a lot during WW2. Merchant Marine. Got Malaria.


Everyone has to go to work . So I figured if I'm away from the house for 9 hours, I might as well make as much money as I can. Safety becomes, and should, become more of concern. You don't want the family dependent one 1 job. Better financially secure you can be , the safer. Something always happens.  **Financial advisor provides comfort during hard times. Our lawyer, CPA, and financial advisors spent a lot of time with us. They provided strength, and this could be a service. I want you to know the network I created. I spent my whole life developing a network of people. Some trusted, most not all the way. Most people start out self serving, but once you develop a relationship become better people. Relationships are important, and give meaning. Protect them. Develop them. Grow them. Make new ones. Remind old ones. Diversify. Typically, reputations are accurate. Align yourself with better people. You can network, but only by acquaintance to those that are bad, but just for resear

lessons from Covid-19

It started in China. Never forget that. Just like SARS. It killed Uncle Bob (Robert John Fisher Jr. 1937-2021. Multiple tours in Vietnam on seek and destroy missions. Lived 50 years in Southern California, Vista. Bess memories of sunny days at Bob and Barb's pool, he always had his shirt off, drinking Sam Adams or Guinness beer, the deck grill going. Great man.  -Stock up. Especially on things that get used a lot and don't go bad, like toilet paper. Very necessary to have on hand. In times of despair, hygenine is actually one the biggest issues. Decreases unnecessary trips to the store. Saves time, buy in bulk and save money. Why not. No chemical stuff, except for sanitizer. Sometimes it is necessary to kill the virus.  -often times in despair the most needed items aren't machine guns, high capacity magazines, and armor piercing ammunition. Water, heat, food, and sanitary items and the most needed. Home is generally the best place to be. Shelter is best sought on your own p