lessons from Covid-19

It started in China. Never forget that. Just like SARS. It killed Uncle Bob (Robert John Fisher Jr. 1937-2021. Multiple tours in Vietnam on seek and destroy missions. Lived 50 years in Southern California, Vista. Bess memories of sunny days at Bob and Barb's pool, he always had his shirt off, drinking Sam Adams or Guinness beer, the deck grill going. Great man. 

-Stock up. Especially on things that get used a lot and don't go bad, like toilet paper. Very necessary to have on hand. In times of despair, hygenine is actually one the biggest issues. Decreases unnecessary trips to the store. Saves time, buy in bulk and save money. Why not. No chemical stuff, except for sanitizer. Sometimes it is necessary to kill the virus. 

-often times in despair the most needed items aren't machine guns, high capacity magazines, and armor piercing ammunition. Water, heat, food, and sanitary items and the most needed. Home is generally the best place to be. Shelter is best sought on your own property, defended by you. Your next best bet is mobile shelter (SUV/Truck). But, they run out of gas/charge, and your stuck. And if everyone else is smiling town, you better not get in the bottleneck. Prepare for summer in the winter, replace your roof when it's sunny outside. Save the most when you make the most. 

-flash lights (USB rechargeable currently). Solar panel. USB cords. Power storage (USB drive). Water filters. Kleenex and toilet paper, paper towels. A heat source (fireplace, plug in heater, small propane heater). Wool socks (darn tough, guaranteed for life). Wool clothes or quick dry synthetic (Patagonia and REI). Snow boots , various jackets, and pants that are warm, shed water). Cash , various currency. 


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