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I could not forsee these things happening to you.

All your success. All your wins and happy moments. And I won't always be there when things go bad. But your never alone. Know that so many have loved you. And more will. Like a new born baby, it happens every day. Raising children is the most responsibility I have ever had. For a reason, the reward.  Be like the animals in the forest. Some days be a mountain lion, ready to pounce on prey. Sometimes be a deer, just bed down at night and be on the lookout, be alert, rest, eat and move your way to the safest area , always mobile. Be like a bear, and ready to attack, know when to bed down, and when to forage. Don't get involved with illegal stuff. It's twice as hard to make an illegal dollar than it is a legal dollar.  Most of the time it works for a bit, until it doesn't. Then there is no return to normal. And the risk reward trade off doesn't warrant the behavior.  Always have a crutch. Like term life insurance for your family. Savings bonds. 529 savings accounts, whi

The prelog, or caveat

Most of the greats never did a tell all. My point is that you learn from my situation. But your situation will often be different. Different time, place, people, circumstances, moods, and levels of fitness and energy. No two situations are ever the same. Sometimes the littlest of detail will make a material difference in the outcome of a situation that you will be in.  Not that things were bad for me, but I don't want you to experience some of the moments that I did. I do this to keep you out of situations I have been in, or not get into situations I was able to avoid, so use this as a learning tool. Apply the lessons hear to your unique situation. Learn how to learn tools like situational awareness, social awareness, decisive action, focus, anticipating the next moves, keeping an eye on the future by winning the current moment. Relax, don't stress, it's not helpful, and people will read you. Be cool and do what you need to. Don't concern or waste your time worring abou