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Sell the speed of title. Have a 2 day close ? Or guarantee a turn around time ? Have your title policy to 48 hours or less. Sell a minimal amount of information for a minimal fee. Place order , get preliminary within x hours. Sell the why. What does this information protect you from. Don't waste your time, due your diligence. It's a x investment for y of a price. Really target out of Towner's, and Investors. It's insurance, protect yourself with a policy. "that cause you've never had to deal with recourse (taking a property back, or stuck with a 🍋).  Blockchain to monopolize. Use a lobbyist yo change law to permit price breaks amongst related party transactions. Like a break on the policy since she transaction. Like the buy seller lender, and subsequent transactions... Only works if you can monopolize a state , then link up the west coast. The goal is to share information faster, provide insurance, and do it all for closing , being the travel guide. Getting ev