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 Debt consultant. For wealth advisor and lawyers. Like a CPA with marketing knowledge. Offer mortgage banking . Have Stein do it on a retail basis.  Consigliare services PLLP  Mission Statement  - we offer to meet in person before any exchange.  -Neutral 3rd. With no interest or biasis in matter. With order and certainty, justice, and rule of order in mind.  -Always with respect  -Here to help, not to harm -like a Priest in confession -We try to know everything, or know how to find the information.  -we want you to understand sometimes the answer isn't easy, and offer work on your part will be the only way to solve it.  -We are more like Alexa, than your hammer Operation orders -Never do anything illegal -Never give legal, accounting, tax, or investment advice.  -Never talk about illegal stuff  -We don't vouch for anyone -We remain neutral and uninvolved -make money by the skin, a fee, a tax, (m). Like cpa service , just jack up the price. Provide the service and take a cut.  T

The Bull

  -Show people respect and you will get respect. Be a ass and people will treat you like that.  -Stand up for yourself, state facts, no insults or name calling. Sometimes end with a ultimatum, at least one solution that works for both of you, maybe the other is a call out or an order. Never a treat. If that doesn't work, then action when appropriate, and discreet.  -Read  , a lot, my stuff too. -be a protector , in all things (you, your word, your actions, to others, you neighborhood) -Neighboorhood is important. Take care of it. Make allies  -alwys strive for  "no show" income , in addition to other streams  -interview with Diane Sawyer. Brutally honest , the honestly is respectable.  -No your roll -if you play the game, know the rules, there is good and bad , if you want the good, be prepared cause the bad will happen. End up dead or in jail. They only kill themselves, and those in the life.  -way to make money is the skim, a tax, a fee. Inflate the price and take a cut

Game of inches

 -zip your coat all the way up  -always look around, up and down, notice and be aware of you surroundings  - a few minutes of fresh air, for you and the inside of where you are 

Sons of Anarchy: S5 E6 Small World

 -(R) Blippi is a great business case study. Low capital, high volume, monetization. Very crowded field, but original, and filled a huge void. Easy, no big production, always easy and appropriate, and even beneficial.  - Don't watch until age 21. Don't have enough life experience to relate. Wife, kids, meeting a diverse group of older people. You can't relate, so don't try and emulate. Love , loss, grief, and emotions you don't know , make you unrelateble. These emotions only harden with time, and when you are twice as old, will be twice as intense.  -Do it the right way, with the right people, there is no risk. Awesome. But if it could cause you to be in prison or die, it's probably not worth doing.  - It is a small world. People are observant. It's likely you will cross paths again. Make connections, be known. Allies are key. You never know how you may cross paths again. Be helpful. Stay in touch. Be mindful of crossing someone.  -Sometimes people ask some

Sons of Anarchy: S5 E5

 - Some people just have a way of always messing things up. Avoid these people. I don't believe in bad luck, and hanging around people who always seem to have bad luck will ultimately make you have bad luck. It's too bad, these can be great people. Oftentimes , they get delt a bad hand, and it's good to help at times. But, get out while you can. There bad luck could be the end of you, then it's just another thing that makes them unhappy, and you unlucky.  -Protect people