The Bull


-Show people respect and you will get respect. Be a ass and people will treat you like that. 

-Stand up for yourself, state facts, no insults or name calling. Sometimes end with a ultimatum, at least one solution that works for both of you, maybe the other is a call out or an order. Never a treat. If that doesn't work, then action when appropriate, and discreet. 

-Read  , a lot, my stuff too.

-be a protector , in all things (you, your word, your actions, to others, you neighborhood)

-Neighboorhood is important. Take care of it. Make allies 

-alwys strive for  "no show" income , in addition to other streams 

-interview with Diane Sawyer. Brutally honest , the honestly is respectable. 

-No your roll

-if you play the game, know the rules, there is good and bad , if you want the good, be prepared cause the bad will happen. End up dead or in jail. They only kill themselves, and those in the life. 

-way to make money is the skim, a tax, a fee. Inflate the price and take a cut 

-a secret society. Recognize nothing. Don't recognize the public. Once everyone showed up publicly in the open outside the RAVENITE. It was all downhill. 

-bribes were the make or break,

- In over 9500 hours of TAPE, not once did Sammy speak of anything illegal, or talk about John (the boss), or incriminate ANYONE!!! 


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