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Catholicly optimistic. Like caustically but with a deep soulful meaning, religious.  A child's neutral emotions.  Don't make them feel dumb. But ask them silly questions to make them come up with a logical answer. Like: does the chicken scramble the eggs you will eat tomorrow? No, mom does. Ask does the chicken drive you to school? Answer is no, again, who? Dad. See, we have stuff to do. So do you tomorrow, Go to bed.  Take each day as 1 day. Sometimes in anger, we make short or long term decisions independent of each other. Mistakes happen and then the wrong outcome is achieved.  Create the next Napster Twitter blog movie musical. Huge soundtrack. A catalog of my picks stating with my life, then other additions for family members story.  Sometimes a fight is necessary. But mostly not, won't solve much more than a annoymoues bar fight. That's the thing with anger, it begs to stick around. It can go a few ways, mostly you will hurt the ones you love cause you won't b