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can we make some sort of anrrnagment strategy

Can we make an arrangement (through escrow). I'll do this for you. You will do this for me (from now or even after death). Both sides live up to the bargain. There is a neutral 3rd party and a written contract. Almost like reverse selling the process. Facilitator. Put an add in the prairie classifieds. Want to transfer land to Idahoan? Covey the title on your terms, and payment doesn't get remitted until title is clear. You choose the vesting. We provide the forms, facilitate the recording, coordinate the closing. We facilitate the transfer of title and work with all parties as a neutral third party. If you need something done, you need to hire someone other than me. I don't provide that service. Offer to transfer the file as a last resort. Or just state it's against policy to provide that. It's a liability to us.  Can I create a template for operating agreement and sell them? 

free internet Boise

Its a PAC. Charge mgmt fee. Campaign for free internet Idaho. Have a surplus, give the people something they need and want. Most people have shitty expensive internet, some have none or minimal. Of all the Billion dollar corporations want us to buy from them,maybe they could help? This is the message. Get someone to build bots. Get political guys in on it to strategic plan on who, and what the mgmt fee is. Pump and dump all parties involved in a blitz kreig. Basque help. Lawyers and high profile quasi anyamos. 


You are almost here our girl.  That's some good Boy Scouts strategy. Create titles and ranks. They have to be earned. It's also what more GSA are too, and the military. Anywhere with a mandate for authoritative rule. There is no Democracy. It's a Dictatorship. Follow the rules and you move up. Ties to finance, like a credit score.  Wash the dishes by hand. Use soap and hot water. Scrubbing is a must. Rise thoughly with extra hot water.  Don't overcomplicate things. Dont worry so much about the future that you have behavior that is more detrimental to your health now, that are more dangerous that you are worried about in the future. The man who drank himself todeath out of fear of astrology, a 3000 year+ event.  Sell a strategy. We can do some preliminary work (charge a fee? ) , Like a pre preliminary (not in foreclosure, outstanding liens, environmental super site). All the main red flags of clear title. They go under contract. maybe make it a pricing war. No one does t

nft iar

Iar = ear= initials.  Iar makes the art. The nft. Market is between Socially Respectful Companies (SRC). But, it's all about the Blockchain. The validation and republic Blockchain. Everyone in the block chain gets one vote. You get into the blockchaim by making a donation to purchase a Iar tokin, you get a nft by Iar, and also the original physical copy from Iar. Donated funds to iar go into a 529 plan for a minor, and after adequate generational funding, will be put into a trust for the benefit of Iar and dependants.  Then the SRC gets a vote in the Blockchain about companies admittance into the Blockchain. The company can have commercial gallery rights to display the Iar artwork nft as proof. When you visit that companies site, you can validate the existence or claim of membership since you are on the blockchain and can validate with your nft. So companies not on the Blockchain are instantly recognized.  The Iar token has a 1% admin fee based on purchase price. Must be a corporat