nft iar

Iar = ear= initials. 

Iar makes the art. The nft. Market is between Socially Respectful Companies (SRC). But, it's all about the Blockchain. The validation and republic Blockchain. Everyone in the block chain gets one vote. You get into the blockchaim by making a donation to purchase a Iar tokin, you get a nft by Iar, and also the original physical copy from Iar. Donated funds to iar go into a 529 plan for a minor, and after adequate generational funding, will be put into a trust for the benefit of Iar and dependants.  Then the SRC gets a vote in the Blockchain about companies admittance into the Blockchain. The company can have commercial gallery rights to display the Iar artwork nft as proof. When you visit that companies site, you can validate the existence or claim of membership since you are on the blockchain and can validate with your nft. So companies not on the Blockchain are instantly recognized. 

The Iar token has a 1% admin fee based on purchase price. Must be a corporation to be on the Blockchain. Companies (corporation) must submit SOS filing and a foreign filling for the State of

Make this SAGA day by day for a year. Then done. Evaporate. Control, indoctorian. Make good. Do good. Validation. Control. 

Iar dictates all art decisions. Premium disgns upon dontantion, as a act of gratitude. Tailored for you. You get an invitation nft exclusive to you. All nfts can be seen on the Iar Blockchain gallery, along with the designated company, for everyone to witness membership on the SRC. Initial bids for mebership determined by Iar administration. 

Supports a kid. Teaches them how to work. How to earn. All functions of a corporation, and obligations. Trust has sole discretion over trust funds. 

the NFT acts as a key to unlock other benefits, such as access to private community messaging groups, in-person events, utility or governance tokens, air-drops, early access to other projects, and more.

What’s more, with blockchain technology enabling artists and creators to emulate property ownership through artificial scarcity and provable provenance, intellectual property rights were not at the top of collectors’ minds in the early days of NFTs and were not determinative of a project’s value. But, the NFT space moves quickly…


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