Sons of Anarchy: S5 E6 Small World

 -(R) Blippi is a great business case study. Low capital, high volume, monetization. Very crowded field, but original, and filled a huge void. Easy, no big production, always easy and appropriate, and even beneficial. 

- Don't watch until age 21. Don't have enough life experience to relate. Wife, kids, meeting a diverse group of older people. You can't relate, so don't try and emulate. Love , loss, grief, and emotions you don't know , make you unrelateble. These emotions only harden with time, and when you are twice as old, will be twice as intense. 

-Do it the right way, with the right people, there is no risk. Awesome. But if it could cause you to be in prison or die, it's probably not worth doing. 

- It is a small world. People are observant. It's likely you will cross paths again. Make connections, be known. Allies are key. You never know how you may cross paths again. Be helpful. Stay in touch. Be mindful of crossing someone. 

-Sometimes people ask something of you, instead of not being able or not wanting to help, propose how you can, even if insignificant, it's more useful than nothing. That should be respected. 

-Being around the wrong people can get someone close to you hurt, no fault of yours, other than being around people with bad luck. 

- You won't always understand why a decision is made. If you don't have all the information, how could you understand. Sometimes you have to trust. Sometimes it's not about trust, but there may be reasons that you are unaware of, that makes people make decisions. Never be so sure of what you think the outcome should be , that you are unwilling to accept something better. 

-Sometimes you have to look (or think) outside of the hood. It's a big world out there, don't get too focused on your tiny little piece of that world. 

-Don't judge anyone. But sometimes you got to stop them, and tell them their done. 

- There is such a thing as collateral damage. It's often the case and always unforseen. 


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