Debt consultant. For wealth advisor and lawyers. Like a CPA with marketing knowledge. Offer mortgage banking . Have Stein do it on a retail basis. 

Consigliare services PLLP 

Mission Statement 

- we offer to meet in person before any exchange. 

-Neutral 3rd. With no interest or biasis in matter. With order and certainty, justice, and rule of order in mind. 

-Always with respect 

-Here to help, not to harm

-like a Priest in confession

-We try to know everything, or know how to find the information. 

-we want you to understand sometimes the answer isn't easy, and offer work on your part will be the only way to solve it. 

-We are more like Alexa, than your hammer

Operation orders

-Never do anything illegal

-Never give legal, accounting, tax, or investment advice. 

-Never talk about illegal stuff 

-We don't vouch for anyone

-We remain neutral and uninvolved

-make money by the skin, a fee, a tax, (m). Like cpa service , just jack up the price. Provide the service and take a cut. 

Target Market 

-Italian bosses

-Biker c-suite 


-annual membership (m) 

- membership levels, like the military, a heiarchy

-voting rights 

-paid commissions (1099) (m) (mm) 





Insurance (m) 


-offer advice when alive 

-offer services after (execution of will, delivering a message (letter in standard envelope, shake to know there is a letter, unopened and sealed, hand delivered with respect) . 

-Referal source- CPA, Financial Advisor. 

-We provide arbitration service (to members only (m)) 

-Can we issue stocks or bonds? Private shares could be cool (verified by blockchain)  


-like a Priest in confession. You get advice, just like from father. (Gen z advice .com) (and Priest father) .


-Market to all executive c-suiet 

-A la carte pricing sheet, published. 

-Market to prisoners ? Need help with anything for a fee. Let them propose the price and request. (M) give them a form. Take the submission. Negotiate a price. Perform the service. Flexible payment options. Pay as you go. Open to all request. 

-We consult will lawyer, law enforcement, tax, accountant, business owners, convicts, therapist, doctors, everyone. 

-Need website , free examples (q&a) and content  Sell how it's tailored to you (your specific special situation). 

-Mail letters with business card, include pricing sheet

-accept crypto 

- 30 dollar item retail. Raise the price to 50, take a cut of three. Everyone wins. Construction cost. Get the industry to raise erhe price, take a cut.

- operate under the radar. Unlike Gotti.

**- mobile anything. Start with meat processing. 

$$$ great idea. Get with the Valley brothers. As a real estate play. Non profit? High staff expense. Die with dignity. Mainly outside cages with shelter. Movable Lego like furniture, customization. A licensed prison. Goal is more care than penitentiary. Maybe on leased land from the gov , cheaper than buying???? 100 yr. Then go to private equity after we fill all the management roles. No salary for a year. Carl is HR. Horn CFO. Murch CPA autitor. Gradine needs to recruit too. Diana real estate services. Me, CIO. We staff and manage the facility. Deltachi Delta Correctional Hospice Institution. 

Collect Boise Renta , it's a rent collection service. Send demand letters . Knock on doors. Spy. Check and report on tenants. Pull credit, take applications. It's a la carte property management. Use Stein. Get his r e license. 

License real estate forms. Have a website they can autofill, it walks them through, customize, and sell the forms as a license use. Like a dollar per form. Must have tons of patents. 

Ala Cart Industries corporation Inc llcp 

Just sell single services in that industry. 

Like a CPA who just does your taxes. Then pay if you want advice. Buy by the hour. Financial counseling, advice. Review a 401k , advise on specific subjects, like probate. Just don't give tax or legal advice. Always be real, authentic, and stand up for yourself.  Don't accept failure. Win. It's about perspective. Tell a story. Have a conversation. Make it about the truth, always be right, and make the right decision, and have the strength to execute on the right decision. Just trust your gut. 

Sare my white privilege. Have everyone contribute advice for ______teens of c? . They were never thought ____. 

The movie title is White Privilege, or screenplay. 

The Millennial Guide Book series. 

How to work at an office. Always have proof. With proof and truth you always win. Bunch isms . 

Lentil Happy Sacks. Keeps kids happy. Organic. Emergency portion of lentils, break open and wash. $10 , plus $1 shipped. 

Home remodel and additions. Find better words. Use pre made plans, like a ala cart. Only give so many options, or build a cart through home Depot, other vendors, otherwise don't offer those options. Use Dave Stauffer for construction, Tyson for value engineering, have plans for adding a second level. Get 7a loan, bank line, offer financing, pull credit report, file a ucc on the property. The pitch and marketing target (get a mined list of everyone who recorded a refi dot purchase in the 2020-2022, they will never sell, and tell them to increase their equity and sales ability, or get more without giving up your rate. Bid every job, then tell them when we can schedule, let them custom pick , then complete job for cost plus %20 or flat rate, like a per day, say $800 a day. Use cons ? 

Personal financial trainer , teach you the skills and organization. Your schools failed to teach you about personal finances. Don't learn the hard way. The cliff notes. No economic talk or addressing future predictions. This is a financial workout, daily, or a few times a week. Helps to get you organized, on track or intervention if needed, give you a plan that all parties agree on and then execute your plan with client support for your life. Only fees are one time per service. Have all my buddies do it as a franchise, you are like a personal trainer, but you can do it virtually or in person. And all those perks. Do it by territory, so hire people if you want. 

Make a Uber type market place gig economy for older retired people to do odd just. Light home improvement for men, installation, wood work , etc. Maybe even a team and have a crew forman. Women could do house chores or yardwork. Favor low liability jobs, avoid daycare, etc. Or hire a crew of them and take care of booking jobs and marketing , but let them gig economy, sell them on being creative with pay and benefits (Medicaid, income , social security, tax), make them contract or employees. Almost incorporating financial advisory. 

Draconian financial planning. Just give advice. Don't explain anything, unless they want to know more. Give them free generic tools. Then add more insight to the point they pay a basic asset management fee, and get robo advice. Use Trust to transfer assets. Provide some simple solutions that are a fit for everyone. Disclose pitfalls and acknowledge, become a RIA. 

Free financial advice. Do like a funny far flip calendar, one a day with advice for each generation. Find a lawyer approved caveat conventional wisdom says, with a foul disclosure about the antitrust violation tell me I can't tell you this. Very general advice to a generation middle class suburban/ rural. College, post college, vocational. Then late 20 to mid 30s. Then split advice with kids and parents. Then 40s, 50s, 60, Retired. Explain the guidelines and assumptions and then give my only advice, you should look into this scenario and consider it against any and all other possible scenarios. Then sell the answer to a local broker. If they invest with them, send me a nominal percentage of a bps. Creat the content first. Then use AI to creat the carton. Put them on all social media platforms. Maybe Pete, then Chris, then Stein. This is my content, I decide everything. Then all proceeds into a revocable trust to be administered for the behalf of family and my basic needs? Or however I am legally permitted to benefit from. But own and involve nothing personally. Own a bunch of hard assets and never sell. 


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