Everyone has to go to work . So I figured if I'm away from the house for 9 hours, I might as well make as much money as I can. Safety becomes, and should, become more of concern. You don't want the family dependent one 1 job. Better financially secure you can be , the safer. Something always happens. 

**Financial advisor provides comfort during hard times. Our lawyer, CPA, and financial advisors spent a lot of time with us. They provided strength, and this could be a service.

I want you to know the network I created. I spent my whole life developing a network of people. Some trusted, most not all the way. Most people start out self serving, but once you develop a relationship become better people. Relationships are important, and give meaning. Protect them. Develop them. Grow them. Make new ones. Remind old ones. Diversify. Typically, reputations are accurate. Align yourself with better people. You can network, but only by acquaintance to those that are bad, but just for research. Sometimes even bad people are successful, and it's important to understand why. Just don't be collateral damage, you don't indentify, so just sit back and watch and learn. Then adapt. Get to know my network will be important for both of us. You make your own network two. You can have unlimited networks. For all sorts of interest, and the diversification provides safety and opportunity. This has always been true. 


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