security home

Sell ownership stake in your primary residence. Stay more days than city ordinance. Rent out the other days, but do it like a long term contract. Get a membership fee or auction or sell off to buy the days. You can maybe even rent them off. It's negotiable. Allows home own to make income fr personal residence. Make it mutually beneficial to each party. Establishes rights. Is fair. Is safer than annuities from for profit insurance companies. It's a co-op, and taxed as such. My lawyer can set it up. I have accountants. Pre emtive bankruptcy. 

How to sell. 
Hype n liquidate. 
Asset or liability.
Everyone gets their cut. 
-homeowner eggs income today, and a guaranteed payout until death. 
-person who wants to be in a certain area, but on a Limited basis gets to have a guaranteed place to stay, and know the price and is obligated pay. 
-could structure any future contact you want.maybe give people parameters. Like 20 conditions or covenants (rules to the game ). 
Use Google or Apple Maps, as the platform. Like they do with hotels. Integrated with Zillow. And anyone else. Open source ? . Charge fee for attorney and CPA reviewed work. People can propose amendments, but make them pay for the right to include their covenant, and make the price cover the cost of wasting time or not feasible.

Gov gets to tax it. All levels..Gov approved (lobby firm). 

Great storage of wealth, monetizing the one thing you own. Payoff the mortgage. Use rent to payoff mortgage. Most widely held asset in the world is your home. Monetize it. What a fucken no show job. Just leave your house and get paid. 

Also a great safety feature for like minded people. Every citizen can identify with someone, and for safety reasons, have a agreement. Just charge a fee for matching. Much like a securities marker. 

Take public via Venture C raise, coin ? (Sell shares via coin, which can then be cashed in for credits . Instead of money, people buy a coin so blockchain can trace. No need for title companies. (Form lobby group to work on behalf of title companies while they go out of business. DOF for title companies. 

Or go SPAC . Do it now with a business plan. How do you sell to these guys? 

Con-struction and unions for maintenance work. 

You can do a one time, lifetime, your time contact. 

Have no heirs, sell the right for the purchase at a latter date. Sell options , futures. 

The key to success is letting and making everyone to have the ability , or option to participate. Everyone gets their cut. 

It makes the real estate market more predicable, stable, and creates a market by connecting the world. I could buy a place in Prague, 20 years from now. For a lifetime contract, or paid to enter into that contract. Not forced to execute, but the market determines for that option . 

Incorporate eBay, allow auctions. You can approve bids or offers. Charge to submit an offer. 

$.05 . Then 5 people get a penny. For doing nothing. Sure rich might buy it all up, but you decide what to sell, in full control. Set your price..

Price your home, Security Home. 

Security covays a lot. Home conveys a lot.  Great marketing. 

Set it up with mom in mind. Sell you have rights. Get kount involved for fraud protection and background checks. Lawyers draft docs for no squatting. Blockchain provides instantaneous data of payment and stay. 

Sell against riches 10% own 90% of stocks. Now everyone with a home can participate. Sell high, buy low. If you go live somewhere else, you make money. Encourages people to keep up their neighborhood. 

Gets ride of real estate agents and title companies. Make real estate trading in a hard asset relatively cheap. Makes a ton of fee income. makes construction and tons of subs a ton of (side hustle ) jobs. House keepers, security, maintenance, repair, upgrade. Have all these people on the payroll. Everyone is paid in coins. Eliminate fees with a Costco membership. Costco can just tack it on, sell the membership, to their members. Sell it for $49 a year. Huge blow to hotels. Hotel rates will be down to $25 a night. Have the gov. hand out vouchers to homeless. win win for all. 

Create how to videos. Select who presents yeh information to you. Use only fans to have people communicate how to videos. $1 for foreigner, premium for celebrity. 

How does it benefit each party. Main parities are the home owner. The share owner (think time share), contract (they can monitize a host of stuff) , owner (speculation with options contracts ). 

Gig economy jobs make this all work , for their fee. Taxed of course. 

Low income housing. We already have them . Called hotels. Infrastructure is there. They are vacant. Low income doesn't get the luxury of a big yard. Might not want it anyway, trade-off is security, a pool, and continental breakfast. 

Reverse socialism. Perfectly effecent market. Pay for the option. Customize covenants. Trade the contracts. Rights for everyone. Pay for and sell privilege. 

Prepeers. Trade bug out area. FEMA can buy emergency shelter. People can donate and write off their interest or tax liability. 


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