formula for life

Lots of ventilation. Clean water. Avoid chemicals and pesticide (insecticides).maybe a multi vitamin and protein. Avoid sugar and processing. 

What sets a great warrior apart from a soldier is knowing when not to pull the trigger. Most people can be a good shot after practice.  

Most people are rats, when times get bad. It's easy to be good when all is good. It's when it gets bad, it shows what is really true. 

The more you buy, the more your bought. 

You have to mentally prepare. Wether it be sports, work, school, or crime. You increase the likelihood of suces by mentally preparing for different scenarios. Think of how you will react, how to solve the problem now , anticipate the dangers, formula a plan of how to deal with them , your response, and how you will be successful. It builds focus. Then once you are in the moment. You have to be like a Navy Seal: be focused, adapt to change, know when not to shoot , not to panic, keep focused. Find a solution. Think of the big picture. Focus on wing the war more than just the battle. But winng each battle will lead to winning the war. Work as a team , seamlessly, not outside thoughts or distractions. The best thing you can be or do for yourself , and everyone else , is taken care of your situation you are in now. Worried about tomorrow without dealing with today is useless. Focus on the moment, and block out the outside. Little successes is what wins the war. You can do it alone, bit it can be easier if you have help, until it doesn't work. And sometimes, as hard as it is, it just doesn't work , and you need a new plan. Never be so sure you know what you want that your not willing to accept something better. Sometimes something better comes along, but most times you have to find it. To find it, you must leave what you know. 

Learn about your family. Moderation is the key to longevity. Preventive medicine is the best cure in health, and usually a great strategy in war, pre emotive strikes. Less casualties ultimately. 

The Law. Stop worrying about what you think they are thinking. Just do things that better your situation. Secure the perimeter, be on/in  your appropriate property. Take a drink of water. Think about what to say. Don't tell them anything. Don answer questions, just make statements. How can I help you? No, you do not consent to anything. Asking if there is a warrant or any reason why you are being obtained. If they say something, you say you want to talk to your lawyer. Otherwise, ask them to leave. Provide your phone number and license anytime asked. Don't admit to anything, let your lawyer do the talking. They have a very expensive 3 year degree with all the perks of high education and the law on their side. Be on their side by paying a lawyer a retainer. If the police do something wrong , they just won't show up for the court case or half ass it and it will be very clear by a judge you did nothing wrong. It's their word versus your. The burdon of PROOF is the states responsibility to prove. You don't have to prove innocent, while appreciated, they have to prove you did something wrong. It would be helpful to have a explanation for response, but only in court. Don't try and reason with the police, if you feel like they aren't tricking you into saying something bad against yourself. Don't be your own worst enemy. And be smarter than someone who is going against you. Have a story and a better explanation. No proof no problem. 

Stay away and avoid people you can't trust , especially in non public space. In public space around crowds, use this as a time of opportunity. The best friends will be people you can trust, not necessarily the best at...

Learn to tell a story. It's the best way to sell something, either yourself ,
 or your service/product. Explain your purpose. Don't just tell them your goals and expectations (to have them buy something from you based on features (lowest cost, best whatever). 

Read Ray Dalio, Gaspipe, Sammy the Bull, Hunter Thompson. Read them all , and take the best qualities. They got people to trust them, that's how they were successful. It wasn't level of service, lowest cost, or highest quality. Trust. Get people to Trust you. 

Learn to focus. If you have a job, learn to put your energy and focus into your job while your there. And when your done , you don't have to think about your job when your not working. Your call. It's a balance of focusing to do the best job that YOU can do while you are working. And when your done then let your mind think about other stuff. It's what keeps soliders alive. They get to go home cause when they are in war they are focused on winning the fight. Not the battle, or thinking about anything other than the task at hand that day. Worry about tomorrow , tomorrow. But when you have down time, you better focus about what is ahead. Learn from the last, but no reason to waste time reliving the bad part, move on . Once you learn this you realize there are a ton of chapters in your personal book. You will be able to get over changing jobs, friends , relationships, living situations, public safety situations, and emergencies. 

SLLS, stop, look, listen, and smell. One at a time for Situational Awareness. Social awarenes. Being socially aware is not doing something to offended someone else. Situational awareness helps you recognize those liabilities before they become a problem, the kind of problem that has very few solutions. Stop moving.  Observe the immediate area, and the outside area. What is the best direction to go. Based on your need (acceptance, espace, shelter, safety, security, space), then what you observe, you can make a plane of action. Focus. The best thing you can do for anybody else sometimes, is focus on yourself. If you can't help yourself, sometimes there is nothing anyone else can do for you. And they need you, to help yourself. Don't spend your time asking for help, if maybe the best person to help is you. Follow your gut. 

The goal in life is to make it to about 103+. It's do able. Stress is the biggest killer. 

Make an action plan and execute it. 

Sometimes you just have to deal with the suck. Make thorough it , and keep going. Sometimes the suck is worth it, sometimes you don't have a choice. You don't have to embrace it , just get through it and out the other side. And learn from it, don't let it happen it, and be stronger than your competitor. Either be the best you can, or just enough better than the competition. 

Get at least 6 hours of sleep. 8 is ideal. Don't over sleep. 

Drink lots of clean water. 

Moderation is the key to life. No too much of anything. 

Avoid pesticide and synthetic that could get in your blood or digestive tract. Inhalemnts , skin absorbing, toxins. 

Safe for the future. Plan for the future. Live for today. Love. Laugh. 

Own land, free and clear as best. Keep the taxes low. Think security. 

Try and avoid war. At almost all cost. As a last result. Think WW2. We avoided it for about 5 years, publicly. Finally we got bomb and and it was game on. But we were not prepared. It took a consensus and all hands on board to support the effort. If it would have been delt with soon, maybe the preemptive action could have prevent such mass loss. But no one ever knows what the future holds, so how can you be so sure intervening is the best answer. But once in war, win. Relentless, swift, savage, brutal, focused, patient, strategic, and more powerful. 

Sometimes you can just choose not to be sad. Move on. Being sad is necessary some times, and other times , well it's just time to move on. 

Fix your roof when it's sunny. In times of peace, prepare for war. Take care of things when you have the means and ability too, it's better than being unprepared or having to do things when it's a lot harder, or worst case , when it's not feasible. During the covid pandemic, I bought a bunch of face mask after the 3rd wave. Production ramped up after the first wave, during each wave panic struck and mask become expensive or unable or very difficult to find. When things calmed down and cases went way down, there was a ton of mask for sale ...I loaded up. Now another wave hit and they are sold out. We are good until this wave passes. Then it will be time to be greedy when others have turn their focus and hoped it's all over. They don't expire anytime soon , and when no one else is planning is the perfect time to buy. Fix your roof when it's sunny out. Don't wait until it starts to rain again, everyone else will also need a roof during a bad storm. When it's sunny, the material is in stock, the installation is available, and their won't be any unnecessary damage. Wait until it rains and it will be a job that has damage since the roof is off there is no protection to the attic and roof foundation. In times of peace , prepare for war. Don't wait until the war starts to acquire weapons and learn how to use them. Ammo and weapons will be in high demand, more expensive, and harder to acquire. Get them when there is abundant supply, availability, and better prices. In fact , war may be a good time to sell any excess. Be fearful when others are greedy. And be greedy when others are fearful or not interested/concerned. 

If you worry about it, then you won't have anything to worry about. If you don't worry about it, you will worry about it. The Catholic worry. Worrying about something can be good. Gets you thinking about it, how to avoid it, makes you more aware,and helps you know when it's coming. It's usually the things you aren't worried about that can get you. 

Learn to just enjoy the company of others. Don't always feel like you have to be doing something. Just hang out. Live in the moment, and relax and enjoy. 


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